A night at the Iguana with Vince Giordano, legendary bandleader and all-around lovely guy.

A byproduct of routine. 7th Avenue in Park Slope to 47th Street in the morning, and the reverse every evening. 

In the morning I'm late and yet I have to stop. In the evening I'm tired and cranky and I want to get home,  but again, I have to stop and enjoy the music and the scene. Luckily my small world is rich in underground (ahem) culture.

I ask for permission to shoot, and always leave a few bucks in the tip jar. Small price to pay for them putting a smile on my face. 

A beautiful scene the other Friday night. This chap was actually playing the Hovis theme. 

May not translate to American but Brits will know exactly what I'm talking about

This is "C". He plays the 7th Avenue stop, usually on a Friday night.

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