Pacific Beach sunset

Yeah, it’s been done to death I know, but had to take a few to document. The evening light is something. Even though the bike run is done, I’m gonna explore on foot for the next couple of days. Thanks for reading. 

End of the road: Pacific Beach San Diego

Man, that got toasty quick. The forests around Flagstaff were pretty neat. Would’ve liked to have stayed but miles to go before I sleep. By Phoenix it got warm. By Yuma it got up to 111. Not as bad as the Death Valley run a few years ago but comparable. Plenty of water, decent speed and it was in the rear view after a few hours. A distinct lack of photography from this stretch for practical reasons. 

In stark contrast, Pacific Beach is beautiful. Friendly, extremely laid back, and I found a brew pub last night to watch the Patriots get spanked by KC. A might fine end to the 2017 run. 

It’s been a great ride. Was thankful to have seen some wonderful sights. 

In the past I’ve been in such bad shape after a cross-country run but on the K bike it’s not bad at all. The distance itself wasn’t difficult, but getting up at the crack of dawn and moving on each day takes a toll. Today, I’m staying put and very happy about it!

Maybe I should ride back? Nah. Even I’m not that stupid. 

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