From New Mexico to the Navajo Nation

Back roads and byways, off-the-beaten track and tourist meccas. Seems like I’ve seen it all today. Also had some excellent fry bread on the Navajo Rez. Stopped off for coffee at Bobby and. Margie’s in Cuba, NM and a nice lady paid for it just because. 

Wait… maybe she just wanted me to leave quicker?

Magdalena, New Mexico

Was taking this and the nice old guy that owned the building rolled by in his pickup. Told me all about the history if the town, how it was the end of the line for the railroad which led to the good times. The mountain that looms in the distance is sacred to his people.

OK, that was fun

Wanted to do this since I accidentally stumbled through the Very Large Array years ago. Got the bike up to 20,000 janskies (yes, a thing) and rolled off to Magdalena, New Mexico. These folks are collecting the radio signals that map the universe. As seen in Cosmos. 

I am in awe. 

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